PortfolioLive 2.2

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PortfolioLive simplifies and improves your ability to manage your investment portfolio. Now you can track your portfolio, research individual stocks with detailed news and custom technical charts and stay informed anywhere, anytime. Manage hundreds of positions across an unlimited number of portfolios, and track every buy and sell you make!

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  • Stock and index quotes for the major US exchanges with real-time data where available.
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of portfolios to monitor.
  • Add stocks, indexes, futures, custom instruments and mutual funds to each portfolio.
  • Create your own market Snapshot with quotes, charts and news.
  • Support for entering dividends and splits.
  • Easy trade entry with support for multiple lots and allocations.
  • Quotes on Mutual Funds.
  • Support for many world exchanges with full support for British pence pricing
  • Positions can be entered as multiple lots so you can truely mirror your brokerage trading account.
  • Support for buy long and sell short positions and fractional share quantities.
  • Live calculations of value, day gain and total gain at the lot, position and portfolio level.
  • Ability to control the frequency of quote updates so you can balance update speed with battery consumption.
  • Many visual clues and indicators to help you quickly assimilate data, including quote direction colors, tick indicators, columns selectors and adaptive fonts so your data is always visible.


  • iPhones and iPod Touches running iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
  • WiFi, Edge, or 3G Network required

Key changes in Version 2.x:

  • New Snapshot section that lets you create your own view of the market. Think of it as your own front page!
  • Support for sell and cover transactions and full support for realized and unrealized gains.
  • New chart designer and chart viewer.
  • Slick new menu tab navigation that packs a ton of information onto the screen.
  • Increased symbol limit to 100 per Portfolio.
  • Full support for hundreds of world currencies, with currency conversion to your home currency.
  • Incredibly rich, comprehensive market news per symbol and a market wide news reader also built in.
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